Disclaimer. Success with the programs, products and services we offer will be completely dependent upon the effort, dedication and time any particular individual is prepared to invest. Therefore, outcomes will always result from how much effort, dedication and time are invested. While testimonials shared at this event are accurate and truthful statements reflecting the experiences of the individuals quoted, given without compensation, there is no suggestion that those experiences or outcomes obtained can be reproduced, since the variables that impact them are too numerous and personal to quantify.  In addition, most individuals who attend free events do not apply the strategies, techniques, and systems they have learned; and therefore, make little to no money. In light of that, The Institute of Commercial Real Estate cannot and does not make any representation or guarantee of success or earnings of any kind. Your success will inevitably be based on your determination, background, and education, as well as the time and effort you expend in applying what you have learned from The Institute of Commercial Real Estate. Attendees may not solicit anyone who participates in the training through verbal presentations, emails, letters, online marketing, database cultivation, or through any groups or associations.


We are not licensed brokers or registered financial consultants and do not guarantee earnings or returns on investment. We offer no financial, tax, or legal advice and always suggest consulting a professional before undertaking any transaction. Investing involves risk and may result in partial or total loss. Investors should evaluate their situation, objectives, risk tolerance, and time, prior to purchasing education and training from us, or products and services from our affiliates.


We offer free introductory events and provide advanced education. Additional education and services will be offered at this event. We do not sell a business opportunity, franchise business, or business in a box of any kind. Learning and application requires time and effort, and an individual's ability to achieve a particular objective is based on a variety of factors.


Your results will vary, and your success it not guaranteed and will be based on your efforts, determination, education, and market conditions.


Cherif Medawar is not able to attend each and every live event, however he has experienced trainers teach his systems, strategies, and investment techniques.


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